M-Front Co.,Ltd is dealing with all alone to sale of its company product planning, imports, home manufacturer miscellaneous goods and the export sales of goods.


Contents of our business

  1. 1.Sales of imported goods
  2. 2.Export Sales
  3. 3.Domestic maker sundry goods sales
  4. 4. Product planning
  5. 5.Wholesale
  6. ☆ We have wholesaled the import from overseas
  7.  to the department store and the specialty store in Japan.


The policy of M-Front Co.,Ltd is the "customer first".


 Since the first day of the establishment of company, we have been providing our customers with products meeting with the various needs from customers.

 Now we are experiencing the world-wide globalization trend and are under the stern eyes of customers. We are a small company but we have the advantage of its size.

 They are fancy footwork and consciousness as a professional team.

 We are quite sure that we can flexibly deal with any problem by providing quickly our service that the customers are looking for.

 Also, we will challenge to achieve further growth without satisfying with the current situation. To provide the products with which all our customers will be satisfied - this is the desire of M-Front Co.,Ltd.

 We will always be grateful for all of you who cooperate with us and will strive to contribute to the society. We really appreciate your supports.

Updated Information

February 21, 2012 : We created the official site.
I am creating the official site in Japanese and English. I would appreciate your favor in the future.